Sample notice letter for increase in House rent in Cameroon

Sample notice letter for increase in House rent in Cameroon

Rent increases can be tricky; it can be tough to raise rent without provoking a backlash, from staying in line with local rules to potentially losing loyal tenants.

This isn't to imply you can't or shouldn't raise your rent. Simply put, you must have done your homework and prepared thoroughly.

You should not increase tenants' monthly payments without first conducting market research. Increasing rent may not result in higher profit margins if it causes your home to fall out of the competitive bracket in your neighborhood.

This is a sample of short letters Landlords and Caretakers can use as a guide in formulating their own increment in house rent to tenants living on their property. Using Lady L HOSTEL as Case Study

Below is a brief sample letter for increment in house rent (rent increase) that landlords and caretakers can use.

Sample notice letter for increase in House rent in Cameroon

Sample 1: Lady L HOSTEL


Date: ___/01/2023

Name of Tenant________________________

Room Number________________

Re: Notice of Rent Increase in House Rents to Tenants 2023/2024

Dear Tenants,

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a useful and trustworthy tenant. Allow me to inform you of an imminent rent increase due to inflation and the recent rise in property taxes.

Please keep in mind that your existing rent will expire on December 30, 2022. The new rent after the expiry date will be 380, 000FRS for a single person in a room and 400,000FRS for two people. Please let me know if you want to renew the rent.

It's my hope that you'll stay in the Hostel. I value our long-term landlord-tenant connection.

If you need any clarification on the matter, contact me on 67768xx61.

Thank you. We appreciate your continued tenancy.






Template you can also use

You’re Name (Landlord/Caretaker)

Your Address (Landlord/Caretaker)



Name of Tenant

Address of Tenant

Re: Notice of rent increase

Dear [Sir/Mme]:

This letter is to formally notify you that, effective [DATE], the monthly rent for the house you presently occupy at the aforementioned address will be increased by 20,000Frs from [OLD AMOUNT] to [NEW AMOUNT]. Every third month, the payment is due.

I'm hoping you stay in the house. You have been a model tenant, keeping the house in top shape. If you have any questions, please contact me at [Phone Number] or [Email Address].


Your Signature (Landlord/Caretaker)

Name of (Landlord/Caretaker)