What does Career237.com do?

Career237.com is Cameroon’s largest resume-writing service. Our team of experts have reviewed millions of resumes and helped over 60,000 professionals land more interviews and get hired faster.

We are committed to helping professionals identify and best articulate their personal brands. We offer resume-writing services and expert career advice that helps our clients stand out in today’s crowded job market.


What do your customers and clients have to say?

You can find testimonials from real Reviews section here


How do I get started?

If you’re ready to have us professionally write your resume, you can find more information on our resume packages here


What is the cost of having a professional CV or Cover Letter?

To hire us write a CV or Cover Letter for you, you will need to pay 5,000FRS each. However, if you want to hire us for both CV & Cover Letter at the same time, then you will charge 8,000FRS.


I need a blog post for my website, what is the cost of writing an article?

Cost of writing a blog post varies base on words count, however, blog posts of 850-1500frs cost 5,000FRS, blog post of 1500-2000words cost 7500frs and blog post of 2000-3000 words cost 8,500FRS.


Have a question about career advice?

We have a blog that covers all things career advice, from interview tips to networking to resume writing. Check it out here.